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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

*list of events available at bottom of post

Welcome back!

We hope your first month of the year was wonderful, and want to an extend a welcome to all the new 5 Elements Martial Arts members! Whether you’re starting with us for the first time or coming back after a long break, we’re happy to have you, and can’t wait to share with you all the cool seminars, big events and day-to-day goings-on of the dojo throughout the rest of 2018!

First, 5 Elements is excited to announce the introduction of a new class! Beginning on Friday, February 2nd, Bunkai classes will now be taught on Wednesday nights, 8-9pm, and Friday nights, 7-8pm, by Sensei Eugene. Bunkai is the application of kata (form) techniques to real-world situations; have you ever wondered why you learn katas? If the skills you’re learning for testing and tournaments could be used in other ways? Then this is the class for you!

In February, world-renowned martial artist Renshi Guy will be returning! Renshi is an accomplished 6th degree karate black belt, who’s held positions as Head Referee for Light Contact Kickboxing with both WKA and WKC, as a Referee for Full Contact with IAKSA and is the Tactical Fight Coach for the Ottawa Senators, as well as owning Elite Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.

While here, Renshi Guy will be available for private lessons on Thursday, February 15th and Friday, February 16th, at $110/hr. Renshi Guy will also be providing additional preparatory training to students testing for their black belt on Saturday, February 17th. This additional training will include advanced technique on Thursday, February 15th, 6pm-9pm, and traditional karate technique, self-defence and sparring on Friday, February 16th, 5pm-8pm. For all six hours of training, there is a flat rate of $85/student.

Renshi Guy will also be doing an Anti-Bullying seminar on Saturday, February 17th, 12pm-1pm. The Anti-Bullying seminar is open to anyone who is interested; you do not need to be a student at 5 Elements to register! The seminar is geared towards kids under 12 years old, and will cover how to react when they feel bullied or unsafe; everyday, students come to us with stories about being bullied on the bus, in class, at recess, over text, or through social media – and in some of these cases, the bullying is by adults in a position of power. 5 Elements wants to teach kids how to feel confident and be safe, no matter the situation. Registration for the Anti-Bullying seminar is $25/student, and can be done over the phone at 403-201-8825, or at the front desk at your convenience.

Past February and looking to March, 5 Elements Martial Arts is proud to be holding the 2018, Western Canadian Hosted WKU Nationals! Registration for Nationals is now open; any and all competitors looking to register for the tournament can download the forms to enter the Saturday, March 17th Matsport divisions (Pointfighting, Continuous Kickboxing, Kata or Weapons) here*, and the Sunday, March 18th Ringsport divisions (Modified Thaiboxing, Lowkick kickboxing or Brazilian Jiujitsu) can be downloaded here*. Both registration forms include the rules applicable to their divisions, but the full tournament information package, including rules, weight divisions, and schedule can be viewed here*.

It is 5 Elements’ and WKU Canada Co-President, Renshi Maeghen Cotterill’s intention to give Team Canada the best advantage possible by providing the team with the utmost consistency, preparation and knowledge of competition on national and international levels; and the best way to do that is by training with martial artists that have already successfully and repeatedly competed on those levels! With this in mind, 5 Elements will be hosting:
– $25 Tournament Prep Seminar on Saturday, March 3rd 1pm-2:30pm
– $30 Competitor’s Seminar on Friday, March 16th 5:30pm-7:30pm
– FREE Official’s Seminar on Friday, March 16th 7:30-8:30pm

The Tournament Prep Seminar will be available to all ages, all levels, and open to any martial arts schools that would like to attend. Attendees will be introduced to strategies of both mental and physical preparation for high-stress situations, specifically sparring in martial arts competitions and testing. Focus will be on developing confidence through experience and knowledge, as well as applying that confidence in handling anxiety and achieving goals in other aspects of everyday life.

The Competitor’s Seminar will feature multiple martial artists with experience on national and international competition levels, World Championship titles, and experience as Officials and Coaches throughout the worldwide Kickboxing community. The seminar will be split up by the divisions attending Competitors are looking to focus on, covering techniques and strategies, and drills and conditioning already proven effective at Worlds levels by the instructors they are training with. The seminar will also cover details judges will be looking for in every division, eg. specific characteristics of stance and technique in kata, which weapons divisions competitors can and cannot let go of their weapons in, and completion of exchanges in Ringsport divisions. This seminar is geared towards teaching all potential members of Team Canada how to stand out amongst their competition.

Finally, the free Officials Seminar is to insure that all Judges and Coaches know all the correct regulations so that not only is the WKU Western Canadian Hosted Nationals consistent ring-by-ring, but consistent with the judging that will take place at Worlds in Greece this year, as well as all WKU tournaments to come.

Please contact 5 Elements Martial Arts at 403-201-8825 or by email at for all registration purposes, as well as inquiries regarding payment to register for the tournament. Receptionists are able to take credit card payment over the phone, and e-transfers can be sent to the Administration Manager at

Karate testing for all belts will be taking place on Saturday, March 24th, at 1pm! Registration for karate testing is available now, as are bookings for private lessons to prepare for the test! Registration can be done over the phone at 403-201-8825, or at the front desk.

*Spring Events:

  • Bunkai Class – Friday February 2nd 7pm-8pm
    – Starting on Friday February 2nd, Bunkai classes will be taking place on Wednesday nights, 8pm-9pm, and Friday nights, 7pm-8pm.
  • Black Belt Training with Renshi Guy – $85
    – Thursday, February 15th, 6pm-9pm & Friday February 16th 5pm-8pm
  • Anti-Bullying Seminar – 1pm, Saturday February 17th – $25
    – Registration available to anyone under 12yrs of age, including students not currently members at 5 Elements
  • Tournament Prep Seminar – Saturday March 3rd 1pm-2:30pm – $25
  • Competitor’s Seminar – Friday March 16th – $30
  • WKU Western Canadian Hosted Nationals
    – All Matsport divisions, Underbelt & Qualifying on Saturday, March 17th
    – All Ringsport divisions, Underbelt & Qualifying on Sunday, March 18th
  • Karate testing – 1pm, Saturday March 24th

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