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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Carlos Eduardo Amancio Ribeiro – Brazilian Ju Jitsu Instructor

CARLOS EDUARDO AMANCIO RIBEIRO – BJJ Instructor at 5 Elements Martial Arts Calgary

Brazilian Ju Jitsu Calgary 5 Elements Martial Arts ClassesBlack Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Started in 1996 in “União dos Mestres Team” – White Belt
  • 1997 switched to “Nova União Team” – Yellow Belt
  • 1998-1999 Joined GTT at this time, our team belongs to “Alliance Team”. Nowadays our team is called Gustavo Souza Team – GTT – Yellow to Black BeltI’ve been participated in Competitions in Brazil since I started to practice BJJ.

I’ve been teaching BJJ class as a monitor since I was a blue belt (10 years ago), just to help my Sensei.

When I got the Brown Belt, I started to teach BJJ for kids as a volunteer in a Non-Profits Organization.

The Grand Master gave me a nickname, which follows me until these days, it is AMARELINHO, and it means “Little Yellow Boy”.

Brazilian Ju Jitsu Calgary 5 Elements Martial Arts ClassesTeam LAUREDO and Grand Master Gustavo Souza The GTT is the parent team, and the partner teams are:

 Ismael Souza Team – IST
 Lauredo Jiu Jitsu Team
 Marcio Pedra Team
 Rodrigo Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Team

The Souza Family is the second biggest Jiu Jitsu family in the world.

The Souza Family descend of the Grand Master Oswaldo Fadda, who graduated the five brothers to the black belt.

  •   Gustavo de Souza
  •   Raphael de Souza
  •   Eduardo de Souza
  •   Ismael de Souza
  •   Israel de Souza

Souza Family in Media:

Ismael de Souza – won the International Vale Tudo ( IVC-XII ) in 1999

Marcio Pedra – participated in the Brazilian edition of The Ultimate Fighter (2013).

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