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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Summer updates – and a FREE Kickboxing class tonight


Join us from 8-9 pm tonight for a free Kickboxing workout!

Just mention you got this email, show up 10 mins early, and let us show you how to get closer to your fitness goals.  

PLUS, hitting a heavy bag is THE BEST FORM OF THERAPY AROUND!

Feeling stressed? Too much on your mind? Kids driving you bonkers this summer?

Then come hit some heavy bags with us tonight!



No matter where you live, or what age you are, knowing WHAT to do, and HOW to get away safe from a bully or attacker is a critical skill.

Join us for these introductory classes in August to get a solid and simple game plan to get away safe.

If you have young kids, school is a month away, and THIS is the way to get them the confidence they hopefully will never need to use against a bully.  Bullying can have lifelong consequences – help them be prepared.

Aug 165-6pm Antibullying (<12 yrs of age)

Grab a spot now with this link =>

Aug 16 – 6-7pm Self Defence (12+ yrs of age)

Grab a spot now with this link =>



Tonight at 7:30 – checkin with Deb at 5 Elements for body comp and updates!

You should have seen emails and updates about the online membership site as well.

Let us know!


Join me in the 60 Day Summer Sizzler Challenge!

Summertime is the time for sun, fun, and laughter.

It’s also the time for some serious health and fitness!

30 days from today, a group of us are boarding a plane to Ireland to compete at WKU Worlds.  Competing on a World scale is something we love, but is something that requires a considerable effort to be ready, and to come back with some medals and World titles in hand.

This is short notice, I know. You can jump into the Challenge with us anytime and get rapid results and new motivating friendships!

Whether you want to be in Worldclass fighting shape, or you want to be in the best shape of your life, this is the community and challenge for you.

Over the next 60 days you’re going to be at the side of World class fitness trainers, martial artists, and nutritionists.

If you’ve ever felt STUCK in your health goals… this is a proven way to get the results you want. 

You get the workouts to do from home or your gym (workouts that you get maximum results from with the least possible amount of time)

You get the body composition and nutrition analysis that pinpoints where you are and what exact steps are needed to get in the best shape of your life (in 60 days you can lose the weight you want, build the muscles you want, or lean up just like you want… but you need a customized roadmap to do it with maximum efficiency). We also have the amazing nutritionist and supplement expert, Deb Souza, at your side throughout the entire challenge!

You get the support, motivation, daily tips and inspiration that makes THIS 60 day Sizzler the one that DOES work for you!

You get bi-weekly checkins and revised body composition analysis (having a starting point and a goal is necessary, but knowing whats working best for you – or not – is how you achieve and smash your goals once and for all)

The 60 Day Summer Sizzler Challenge gives you all this and more:

  • Body composition and nutritional analysis kickoff (start tonight if you can, or just in anytime – Initial analysis tonight (July 25th) at 7:30 pmbut you can join any time).  You will be given the map and the plan to get your body in the shape you want
  • 2 months membership to train as much as you want at 5 Elements Martial Arts (if you already have a membership at 5 Elements, we have an alternate plan for you that skips the additional 2 months training – or you can just have the 2 months added to your existing membership)
  • You get geared up for some sizzling workouts: Boxing gloves, T-shirt, hand wraps 
  • You get 60 days access to the Ninjagirl Fit online training academy! Can’t make it to a workout at 5 Elements? Sign in to the online Ninjagirl Fit community and get the recipes, fitness tips, and home workouts that make you a lean, mean, fat-burning machine! Renshi Maeghen Cotterill has all the videos and blueprints you can follow or do from home in this online community.
  • You get nutritional guides, supplementation advice for your body and type, and a complete meal plan to get you the results you want
  • You get entered into the Summer Sizzler Challenge CONTEST! We will be choosing the top 3 participants that show the greatest commitments and results (based on goals achieved, results attained, and overall fitness level improvements). Just ONE of the packages being offered: 1st place – $250 Lululemon gift card, 2nd place $175 Lululemon gift card, 3rd place $100 Lululemon gift card.
  • You get PICTURES! On the east day of the challenge (August 24th), you will get professional photographs done to show yourself and the world (if you choose) the results you got! We have a professional fitness photographer coming in to take the pictures you want with the body you love! These can be action shots of a workout, and/or shots of you showing off those chiseled muscles!
  • Bi-weekly checkins at 5 Elements martial arts where we re-do your body composition and measurements to see where you’re at and what needs to be adjusted.
  • You get daily tips, techniques, inspirational videos, and check-ins.
  • PLUS some very cool bonuses and goodies you’re going to LOVE!

Are you ready to get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE?

Then join us in the 60 Day Summer Sizzler Challenge!

For just $395, you get everything above…

…60 days unlimited workouts at 5 Elements, 60 days access to the Ninjagirl Fit online community, workout gear, body composition and analysis, nutrition and supplementation plan, entry into the contest, professional photos, access to the Private Facebook community, daily motivations and check-ins, bi-weekly body comp checkins, and the support and friendship with others wanting their best body EVER!

If you are already a 5 Elements Family Member and don’t want the additional 2 months membership and workout gear, you can join us for just $95!

Either way… you win!

Existing member sign up here (choose this if you’re already a member at 5 Elements –

New member sign up here (choose this if you’re not yet  a member at 5 Elements –

We are here to give you the BEST results you’v every seen.

Join us while we guide AND join you in 60 days of awesomeness!

Get in Worldclass shape at our side, and learn how to build the body and confidence you’ve always wanted!

Get ready for the best 60 day experience of your life!

Renshi Maeghen Cotterill

Get more out of your Martial Arts in the next 23 days

We all LOVE our martial arts!

It’s the reason you subscribed to the 5 Elements Martial Arts newsletter, and it’s the reason why we do what we do.

But there’s times when you need to step up your game and train with innovative ways.

Over the next 23 days, we have a number of special events you need to be part of!

We have a martial arts PACKED weekend ahead of us, and we REALLY hope you can join us…


1) Wooden Board Breaking! Saturday 1:00-2:30 – No better way to boost your confidence and test out your teeps and front kicks!  Join us for an educational session, combined with real wooden board breaking.  Sign up online through this link 

2) Self Defence Training – Sat 3:00-4:30 Don’t leave your safety to chance!  Learn practical tools for defending yourself if provoked or attacked! Advanced techniques will be covered – info and registration here =>

3) Tournament and Sparring Techniques – Sunday 1-2:15 Just $25 (for youth – which is from 1:00-2:15) – reserve a spot online through this link

 (more details here –


4) Footwork drills – Sunday 2:30-4:00 Just $30 (for adults – which is 2:30-4:00) – reserve a spot online through this link

(more details here –


2 Tournaments in 1!!

1) National and Regional Qualifiers for Team Canada WKU (Black Belts Only)

National Qualifier for Team Canada for Kumite and Light Kick Kickboxing (Leg Kicks Allowed)

Regional Qualifier (AB and BC) for Point, Forms, K1 Kickboxing

2) PLUS: Open tournament for all belt levels, and all schools.

Point fighting, continuous kickboxing and Muay Thai, BJJ, Patterns and Weapons.

Competitors welcome from 3 years of age to adults.  This is an excellent opportunity to test your training and sparring skills against fellow martial artists.  All competitions are kept under light contact rules.

Full info here (and online registration as well)

(or need a motivating way to get shorts and summer swimsuit ready)…

12 weeks of fantastic training to start your New Year off with a Ninja Wow!

  • 12 weeks of training classes (pick your classes from Karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and Boxing – or mix and match them – includes unlimited classes for 12 weeks)
  • Nutritional Plan for your 12 week kickoff
  • Ninja Nutrition Book – the best recipes for healthy living and Ninja Lifestyle Skills
  • 3 Month Membership to the BRAND NEW NINJA GIRL FITNESS Community!Weekly online training drills, weekly videos, articles, mindset, self-improvement skills, — will sell for $29/mth for the community along ($97 value for this bonus alone!)
  • Club Tshirt
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Cotton shin pads
  • Handwraps

The Warrior Way Bundle price = $429

Can be added on to any existing membership you have now!

Grab the

Warrior Way Bundle 

in the Dojo or online with this link


March 11 –Self Defence Seminar (12+) – 3:00-4:30Book here

March 11 –Board Breaking Seminar at 5 Elements (1:00-2:30) – Book here

March 12 – Sparring Seminars (youth sparring/forms – 1:00-2:15). Adults and Teens (sparring/forms – 2:30-4:00)

March 20-25Spring Break – CAMPS IN EFFECT – Details and online Bookings

March 25th – Advanced MT, karate testing
April 1, 2017 – WKU Provincial Qualifier (5 Elements – Calgary) – info and registration here

April 8, 2017 – WKC Provincial Qualifier (Edmonton)
April 17 – Easter Monday CLOSED
April 28-29 Quebec Open



 (just added: Cardio Conditioning/Thai Pad Class Wednesdays at 12:00 – AWESOME workout!)

We are booking Private lessons and Personal Fitness Training!  
Call 403-201-8825 to check on times and special offers!  
Muay Thai, Karate, Forms, Weapons, BJJ – all available in a 1-on-1 private basis!

Spring Break Camps


Camps run all week, from 9-3

(additional after hour care is available from 8-9am and from 3-4pm – $10 per person or $15 per family)



BOOK ONLINE HERE (or you can call us at 403-201-8825)

Full week use this link 

Full day use this link

Half day use this link

Click for more Details Click for more Details
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