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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada



  • Thursday, February 15th (6pm-9pm) & Friday, February 16th (5pm-8pm) – Renshi Guy Oullette Advanced Seminar ($85)
  • Saturday, February 17th (12pm-1pm) Anti-Bullying Seminar ($25)


  • Thursday, February 15th – All Ages Karate (6-7pm), Intermediate/Advanced Karate (7-8pm), Advanced Point Sparring (8-9pm) Cancelled for Renshi Guy 6pm-9pm Advanced Seminar
  • Friday, February 16th – Beginner Sparring (5-6pm), All Ages Karate (6-7pm), Bunkai (7-8pm) Cancelled for Renshi Guy 5pm-8pm Advanced Seminar


  • Sunday, February 18th
  • Monday, February 19th

Welcome back!

Not only is this weekend Family Day weekend, it’s the 5 Elements Martial Arts Black Belt test! To prep for the test, 5 Elements is holding two seminars, lead by Renshi Guy Oullette, while he’s in town to conduct the test. On the evening of Thursday, February 15th, there will be a seminar on Advanced Technique from 6pm-9pm, and on the evening of Friday, February 16th, there will be a seminar on Traditional Technique, Sparring and Self Defence from 5pm-8pm. Students do not need to be attending the black belt test to take advantage of Renshi Guy’s visit to Calgary! The full 6 hours of training is $85, and available to any Advanced belts who are interested.

Renshi Guy will also be conducting an Anti-Bullying Seminar, 12pm-1pm, on Saturday, February 17th. The Anti-Bullying seminar is open to anyone who is interested; you do not need to be a student at 5 Elements to register! The seminar is geared towards kids under 12 years old, and will cover how to react when they feel bullied or unsafe; everyday, students come to us with stories about being bullied on the bus, in class, at recess, over text, or through social media – and in some of these cases, the bullying is by adults in a position of power. 5 Elements wants to teach kids how to feel confident and be safe, no matter the situation. Registration for the Anti-Bullying seminar is $25/student, and can be done over the phone at 403-201-8825, or at the front desk at your convenience.

As many of the instructors and students are taking the seminars, All Ages Karate, Intermediate/Advanced Karate and Advanced Point Sparring on Thursday, February 15th have been cancelled. Little Dragons, Beginner Sparring, All Ages Karate and Bunkai on Friday, February 16th, have also been cancelled. All morning classes on Saturday, February 17th, will run as normal.

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