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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Have a Ninja-packed Christmas


NOTE: if your favourite martial arts fan is already a member at 5 Elements, this can be added on to their existing membership.  In other words… if their membership expires at the end of Feburary – this new 3 month gift from you will be starting in March.  So we can tack this 3 months on to the end of any membership they already have!

Little Dragons Peppermint Package
3 month membership ($50 savings!)
Christmas Bundle price = $245
==> Grab the Little Dragons Peppermint Package in the Dojo or online with this link

The Merry Muay Thai bundle
3 month membership
1 private 30 m lesson
Christmas Bundle price = $399 ($100 savings!)

==>  Grab the Merry Muay Thai bundle in the Dojo or online with this link

Karate Christmas bundle
3 month membership
1 private 30 m lesson
Christmas Bundle price = $399 ($100 savings!)
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Kickboxing Candy Cane Bundle
3 month membership
1 private 30 m lesson
Christmas Bundle price = $399 ($100 savings!)
==> Grab the Kickboxing Candy Cane bundle in the Dojo or online with this link


A power packed month of Martial Arts event ahead


It’s been a crazy busy start to 2017! Hope you’ve taken your health and training seriously, and are committed to making THIS year your best one yet.

We’re here to help!

Have you ever wanted to find a group of people that are fun, friendly, encouraging and focused? The 5 Elements Family is here for you and we have some excellent things coming in the coming months.

First up…


12 weeks of fantastic training to start your New Year off with a Ninja Wow!

  • 12 weeks of training classes (pick your classes from Karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and Boxing – or mix and match them – includes unlimited classes for 12 weeks)
  • Nutritional Plan for your 12 week kickoff
  • Ninja Nutrition Book – the best recipes for healthy living and Ninja Lifestyle Skills
  • 3 Month Membership to the BRAND NEW NINJA GIRL FITNESS Community!Weekly online training drills, weekly videos, articles, mindset, self-improvement skills, — will sell for $29/mth for the community along ($97 value for this bonus alone!)
  • Club Tshirt
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Cotton shin pads
  • Handwraps

The Warrior Way Bundle price = $429

Can be added on to any existing membership you have now!

Grab the Warrior Way Bundle in the Dojo or online with this link

ANTI-BULLYING SEMINAR – Kids aged 4-11 Saturday, February 18th – (12-1 pm)

Don’t let bullies ruin your child’s self-confidence. Renshi Guy Oullette is in Calgary this weekend for a powerful anti-bullying seminar. Renshi Guy has taught thousands of school kids how to build their confidence and end a bullying situation quickly. This is very important information that your child needs to know! Call 403-201-8825 to book a spot. Just $20 for skills that could save you or a loved ones life!  Learn how to be more aware of your environment, how to notice potentially dangerous scenarios, how to position yourself for a quick retreat, and what to do it you ARE approached by someone with less-than-positive intentions.

Book a spot now by calling 403-201-8825 – filling up fast! 

You can also book a spot online here


Feb 20 – CLOSED – Family Day
March 11 –Self Defence Seminar (12+) – 3:00-4:30Book here
March 11 –Board Breaking Seminar at 5 Elements (1:00-2:30) – Book here
March 12 – Sparring Seminars (youth sparring/forms – 1:00-2:15). Adults and Teens (sparring/forms – 2:30-4:00)
March 20-25Spring Break – CAMPS IN EFFECT – Details and online Bookings
March 25th – Advanced MT, karate testing
April 1, 2017 – WKU Provincial Qualifier (5 Elements – Calgary) – info and registration here
April 8, 2017 – WKC Provincial Qualifier (Edmonton)
April 17 – Easter Monday CLOSED
April 28-29 Quebec Open
NEW SCHEDULE FOR WINTER/SPRING (just added: Cardio Conditioning ClassWednesdays at 12:00 – AWESOME workout!)

5 ELEMENTS WKU REGIONAL AND NATIONAL QUALIFIER – Saturday, April 1st – 9am – 5pm.  

2 Tournaments in 1!!

1) National and Regional Qualifiers for Team Canada WKU (Black Belts Only)

National Qualifier for Team Canada for Kumite and Light Kick Kickboxing (Leg Kicks Allowed)

Regional Qualifier (AB and BC) for Point, Forms, K1 Kickboxing

2) PLUS: Open tournament for all belt levels, and all schools.

Point fighting, continuous kickboxing and Muay Thai, BJJ, Patterns and Weapons.

Competitors welcome from 3 years of age to adults.  This is an excellent opportunity to test your training and sparring skills against fellow martial artists.  All competitions are kept under light contact rules.

Full info here (and online registration as well)
We are booking Private lessons and Personal Fitness Training!  
Call 403-201-8825 to check on times and special offers!  
Muay Thai, Karate, Forms, Weapons, BJJ – all available in a 1-on-1 private basis!

Magnificent Martial Arts News from 5 Elements

Exciting times at 5 Elements Martial Arts Calgary

5 Elements Martial Arts Open – Nov 26 – 10-5
Our last tournament of 2016!
This is the BEST way to improve your confidence and test out your training.  Open to all schools and ages.  Starting with Little Dragons in the morning and kids, teens and adults after.

Get signed up quickly and get ready for a fun time and challenging new environment (contact will be controlled and light in all matches)

Sign up online here =>

Self Defence Seminar – December 10 – 9am$10 + FOOD DONATION TO THE FOODBANK

Self defence skills for everyone! Build the confidence and situational awareness skills to protect yourself against dangerous offenders and bullies.

Bullying and scary situations are out of control.  Stories in the press show what happens when you aren’t prepared for a situation that turns against you (and if it ever happens, it happens FAST).

Learn how to be more aware of your environment, how to notice potentially dangerous scenarios, how to position yourself for a quick retreat, and what to do it you ARE approached by someone with less-than-positive intentions.

Effective in the school yard, in the streets, while out at night,
or while just wandering around minding your own business.

Sign up online here =>

Karate, Muay Thai, BJJ Testing – Dec 17
Your last chance to test your skills and upgrade your rank before the New Year!  If your Sensei or Kru has said you’re ready – book your testing time now!  Consistent testing is necessary to build confidence, advance your skills, and prepare yourself for the ultimate goal…
Full uniform required, forms need to be filled out in advance.

Book your testing online here or call us at 403-201-8825


We are so excited to be nominated for the Calgary Top Choice Award for Martial Arts Schools!

Please visit this page and vote for us! And thank you sincerely to all of those that nominated us for this.
WKC Worlds RESULTS from Ireland!

Team 5 Elements showed the World what phenomenal training we do, and brought home another major haul of medals:

Sensei Maeghen – Gold Team Point, Gold Continuous (-65kg),
Gold Continuous (-60kg), Silver in Teams!
This makes Sensei’s record now 10 GOLD MEDALS!!

Kyle Hoover – Gold in Point, Bronze in Continuous

Carson Mullaney – Bronze in Team Continuous

Elizabeth Kells-Sanders – Silver in Continuous, Bronze in Team Point, Bronze in Team Continuous


TOP 40 Under 40 – THANK YOU!

I’m so excited, flattered, and grateful to be part of
the 2016 class of Top 40 Under 40.

The full article is here…

~ ~
CTV ATHLETE OF THE WEEK – Watch our own Elizabeth Kells-Sanders being interviewed by CTV News for Athlete of the Week! This girl is a DYNAMO and just brought home 4 Gold and 2 Bronze Medals from WKU Worlds, and another Silver and 2 Bronze from the WKC Worlds in Ireland to add to her Medal Count! HER INTERVIEW =>
PRIVATE LESSON SALE!! Book 4 private lessons and get your 5th free.  Private Lessons are your fastest way to get skills and sparring improved. Be ready for the tournament, make sure you are ready for testing, improve your skills.    Call us and book your Private lessons with your preferred instructor (Sensei Maeghen is not available for this sale – but all of our Senpais are).

CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND FUN PRESENTS FOR YOUR FAVOURITE MARTIAL ARTS JUNKIES! We have a new initiative just starting with all kinds of tshirts – hoodies – coffee mugs – phone cases – and necklaces.  GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!  Go to and have a look at everything we have done so far.  If you have any specialty items you want – email Troy at – grab some stocking stuffers and gifts for your friends!

FALL/WINTER 2016/17 Tournament Schedule here (in-house and outside tournaments – please check with your Sensei or Kru on which tournaments you should attend)

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Pictures of the 5 Elements WKU Provincial Qualifier

You can get copies of the tournament picture through Mark Neustaedter at this link

You can get copies of the tournament picture through Mark Neustaedter at this link

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