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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Battle Tested Footwork and Sparring Seminar

March 12th – 2:30 – 4:00 Learn the proven techniques for controlling your match and winning the battle.

Khru Mike Zeintek and Renshi Maeghen Cotterill (10-time World Champion) are hosting an event to get you ready for a busy year of tournaments.

Learn the most effective footwork and sparring drills for tournaments and practice sparring.

You’ll be shown drills you can use in your training, and how to incorporate those footwork drills into your sparring.

  • Closing the distance
  • Mirroring
  • Reading and anticipating their next movements
  • Fakes, teases, and measuring their reactions
  • Heavy footed opponents vs light footed opponents
  • Transitioning from one style of footwork to another (without detection)
  • Defence footwork vs offensive footwork

Your footwork WILL determine your success in the ring!

Find out how to use the most effective footwork for your style, and make sure you do your best at the next tournament!

March 12 from 2:30 Р4:00 join Khru Mike Zeintek and Renshi Maeghen Cotterill at this intensive workshop.

Just $30 (for adults – which is 2:30-4:00) – reserve a spot online through this link

Just $25 (for youth Рwhich is from 1:00-2:15) Рreserve a spot online through this link


foot-work-collage1-620x330 foot-work footwork

Pictures of May 31st Inhouse WKU Tournament

One of our own students and 5 Elements friends, Mark Neustaedter, took some AMAZING pictures of the May 31st tournament!

Have a look here – and grab a copy of your favourites

Some samples…

Have a look here – and grab a copy of your favourites

5 Elements Team Funding Drive

Support Maeghen Cotterill and 5 Elements!

Maeghen Cotterill | 5 Elements Martial Arts Calgary | WKC Competition

WKC Winner is a site dedicated to helping raise sponsorship money for individuals and teams to compete.

2014 is a busy year with National and International tournaments

Please help support the training and the tournaments!

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Maeghen Cotterill Calgary Martial Arts Trainer

maeghen cotterill calgary martial arts trainer

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