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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sept/Oct Martial Arts Updates & the Magic 100 tmrw


No matter where you live, or what age you are…knowing WHAT to do, and HOW to get away safe from a bully or attacker is a critical skill.

Join us for these introductory classes in Septembert to get a solid and simple game plan to GET AWAY SAFE.

If you have young kids, school is here, and THIS is the way to get them the confidence they hopefully will never need to use against a bully.  

Bullying can have lifelong consequences – help them be prepared.
Sep 23 – 9-10am Antibullying (<12 yrs of age)

Grab a spot now with this link =>


Sep 23 – 12-1pm Self Defence (12+ yrs of age)

Grab a spot now with this link =>


We are heading into the busiest times of the year for martial artists, fitness fans, and workout junkies like you and I.  

If you are wanting to follow a proven path to health, fitness and martial arts success… the coming months offer yo uthe ability to join us in any of our 63 classes a week.  Or train with us 6 days a week.  Or test your skills and upgrade your belt levels.  Or put your skills to the ultimate test and compete with us at our tournament in November, or the WKU National Qualifier (Team Canada) in the new year.

Some amazing things are happening, and our family is growing and welcoming all new members!

Not a family-member yet? What are you waiting for??? Your first class is always free to try! Full schedule for Fall and Winter is here –



…it’s the magic 100 day! 

100 days from now a brand new year begins.  And what an amazing way to end 2017 and kickstart 2018 — than in the best shape and confidence of YOUR LIFE!

We are offering you a simple way to make the last 100 days of 2017 your best EVER!


100 Days of fantastic training to get in the shape you want, at a price you’ll love!

  • 100 Days of unlimited training classes (pick your classes from Karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, and Boxing – or mix and match them – includes unlimited classes for 100 days)
  • Club Tshirt

The 100 Day Bundle price = $429 (regular price if bought separately is $480)

NOTE: this can be added on to any existing membership you have now! If you have a monthly or even multiple month membership now – this will be added on to the end to give you an additional 100 days on your membership.

>>> Grab the 100 Day Bundle  in the Dojo or online with this link


We now have a 20-class bundle available! 

A cost effective way to commit to your training through the busy months ahead.  Drop by any class you want, and rest assured you have a solid start on your summer body with our 20 class pass special!


ADULTS 20 Class Pass =>


LITTLE DRAGONS 20 Class Pass =>



Details are coming… but we have some amaaaaazing things coming to you this fall and winter.  I will say this – we are very fortunate to be Internationally recognized by one of THE most successful Kickboxing and Karate Unions in the World.  

When this is all finalized and details available to share:

…if you train with 5 elements – your belts and grading will be now recognized around the world!

…if you train with 5 elements – you can now compete around the world with our team! (Mexico in winter, Greece in the fall of 2018, Guatamala in bitter cold winter…. sounding good? Join us!)

…if you want to train with 5 elements … and run your own kickboxing classes… you’ll be able to have an international kickboxing certification to kickstart your training program

…if you want to travel around the world as a referee… being part of the 5 elements family opens the door to you for international travel, tournaments, and international competitions (international referee training and certification is right around the corner!)

…just a small snippet of things coming to us this fall and winter!



September 23 – Antibullying and Self defence seminars
September 30 (1pm) – All ages Karate testing (book your private NOW to review your patterns and be 110% ready for the test!)
October 14 (9am) – Youth Muay Thai Testing
October 29 – Halloween Party at 5 Elements
November 25 – 5 Elements Martial Arts Fall Open Tournament

Pictures from the Board Breaking Seminar

Some fantastic pictures of the board breaking seminar from this past weekend, compliments of Jared Gudnason.

We had a great turnout, and some serious warriors there to show the boards WHO WAS BOSS!

Kids and adults alike learned proper footwork, positioning, follow-through and breathing techniques needed for proper board breaking.

The faces speak volumes … 

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