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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Charity Self Defence Dec 13


No matter where you live, or what age you are…knowing WHAT to do, and HOW to get away safe from a bully or attacker is a critical skill.

Join us for these introductory classes in Septembert to get a solid and simple game plan to GET AWAY SAFE.

If you have young kids, school is here, and THIS is the way to get them the confidence they hopefully will never need to use against a bully.  

Bullying can have lifelong consequences – help them be prepared.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13 – 6pm $20 and a Food Item (all proceeds and food goes to charity) 

Grab a spot now with this link =>

 5 Elements Martial Arts

13226 Macleod Trail SE (in between Canyon Meadows Cinema and Good Life)
Calgary, AB
T2J 7A4



March Seminars

BOARD BREAKING – March 11 – 1:00-2:30 

Learn the art and skill of breaking real wooden boards.  Exceptional confidence builder, skill development, focus, and power (plus they keep the boards they break)

Little Dragons to Adults

$35 – Book here

SELF DEFENCE SEMINAR – 12+ – March 11 – 3:00-4:30

Do not leave something unexpected to chance! Learn valuable skills for self-defence situations.  From basic situational awareness, to what to do when grab, choked, pinned down, or approached with a weapon.

$35 – Book here


Tournament season is in full gear and these skills will be a massive help to your confidence and focus.  Taught By Sensei Maeghen and Kru Mike.  Covering angling, follow up, footwork and ring control.

Youth 1-2:15 – $25 – Book here

Adults 2:30-4:00 – $30 (Muay Thai and Kickboxing Footwork) – Book here

If you would like to book 2 events – you get $10 off (call 403-201-8825 to book the bundle)

If you would like to book all 3 events – you get $15 off the bundle (call 403-201-8825 to book the bundle)

Self Defence Workshop December 10


Saturday 10th December 9am-10am


Self defence skills for everyone! Build the confidence and situational awareness skills to protect yourself against dangerous offenders and bullies.

Bullying and scary situations are out of control.  Stories in the press show what happens when you aren’t prepared for a situation that turns against you (and if it ever happens, it happens FAST).

Learn how to be more aware of your environment, how to notice potentially dangerous scenarios, how to position yourself for a quick retreat, and what to do it you ARE approached by someone with less-than-positive intentions.

Effective in the school yard, in the streets, while out at night, or while just wandering around minding your own business.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE (don’t forget to bring in your food item 🙂


Self Defence and Anti-Bullying Seminars

We are so excited to have Renshi Guy Oullette back in Calgary for a number of new events in August!


Dry Land and Fight Training

Renshi Guy Oullette is the Fight Coach for the Ottawa Senators, and is in town for group and private training August 25-29, 2015.

Tactical aggression coach (on ice fight coach) with Ottawa Senators (Coaching them for 7 years)

Owner/Head Instructor at Elite Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Renshi Guy Oullette: Tactical aggression coach (on ice fight coach) with Ottawa Senators (Coaching them for 7 years)

Practicing Drills with the Ottawa Senators

Intense Training That Will:

Teach your players how to protect themselves on the ice, and encourage them to play hard nose hockey without the fear of repercussion

Teach your players how to protect themselves on the ice by tying up players arms, so there is less risk of being hurt

Improve players ability to block strikes coming at them and teach them quick counter techniques.

Dominate the ice and put fear in the minds of your opponents!


Private Workshops and One-on-one training with Guy Ouellette

Only in town from August 25-28!


Limited spots available




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