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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tournament Prep Seminar

November 25th is right around the corner… are you 110% READY??

The 5 Elements Martial Arts Open Tournament is November 25th from 10-5 (weigh-ins begin at 9)

If you haven’t registered yet – get registered for the tournament now with this link. 

We are holding a tournament Preparation Seminar on Saturday, November 18th, for BJJ, Muay Thai, and Karate.

Learn exactly what the judges and referees will be looking for, how to ensure you are the winner in their eyes, and how to take your competitive skills to the next level.

There will be 2 individual seminars, but both are included for the inexpensive price of just $25

The BJJ tournament prep seminar will be held 12-1:30

The Karate/Muay Thai tournament prep seminar will be held 1:30-2:30

$25 includes both (or just attend one if you wish).

You’ll learn winning sparring strategies, mindset strategies, and how to dominate the match so no question is left in the judges mind!

Register online here:


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