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5 Elements Martial Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

World Kickboxing and Karate Union – WKU

Affiliation with the WKU

wku-logoThe GCO/WKU is the youngest association with the fastest growth in the world. It is the successor of the WKA which was founded in the 1970’s.

The organisation unites more than 100 countries over five continents. Members age groups range from children to veterans.  It governs most combat sports such as Katas (Korean, Chinese, Japanese and more), Kyokushin,  point fighting, light contact, full contact kickboxing, K1 kickboxing and MMA.

The GCO/WKU holds a solid structure in rules and regulations as well as in organisation for both amateurs and professionals throughout the world.


  • Your school/organisation will be recognized world wide
  • Better visibility for your school/organization
  • More credibility for you discipline/style
  • Rank recognition of your students
  • Certificates for each student/member
  • Clear and structured rules and regulations
  • Referee training
  • Martial Arts seminars


wku-certEvery member receives

-Member number (MAP)

-Identity card (may be delivery delay)

-Passport to track activities and progression

-Badge to attach to uniform

-Rank recognition by a world organization

-On-line profile on the WKU website

-Rebates on training sessions offered by the WKU

-Pre-registration price and at the door pricing for the National Championships of the WKU

-Possibility of participating in competitions abroad


School advantages

  • The schools/clubs have no adhesion fees, they only need to enroll their students as members to adhere to the WKU.wkupass
  • – The school/club receives a 10$ return for each member
  • – International recognition of your organization/style
  • – After 30 members the school receives the possibility of rank recognition by the WKU for free (including certificate and belt)
  • – Possibility to authenticate black belts
  • – Preferential rebate from our official supplier Kwon
  • – Possibility to access all the equipment needed to host a Martial Arts event at a reduced rate (Quebec and Ontario).


Service fees

  • Every member must pay an annual fee of 65$ (10$ stays with your school)
  • Certificate with each belt color at no cost
  • Black belt certificate (dan) 165$ each including certificate and black belt with WKU logo or 100$ for the certificate only.
  • A certificate and belt free / 30 members


Patrick Lavallée, Team Canada Presidentwku-card

E-Mail :

Web Site:

Telephone : (450) 944-6166


Maeghen Cotterill, WKU Western Canada

Web Site:

Telephone : (403) 201-8825

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