Frequently Asked Questions

Does 5 Elements offer trial classes?

5 Elements offers one free trial class for every new student. There is no need to call or register ahead to attend, just check out our schedule and pick the class that works best for you. 5 Elements does ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your chosen class as there is a waiver that needs to be filled out. Participating students should wear comfortable workout clothing and bring a water bottle. Any equipment required for your free trial drop in class will be loaned to you.

Please note, parent/guardian signature is required for any and all minors to participate in a free trial class.

The 5 Elements Acknowledgement of Risk form is downloadable here:

What do I need for a trial class?

For a free trial class, students (or parent/guardian if student is a minor) must sign an Acknowledgment of Risk form. Aside from this waiver, students are asked to wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a water bottle. Any equipment required for your trial class will be loaned to you.


How do I book a trial class?

There's no need to call ahead or register to attend, just check out our schedule and pick the class that works best for you. 5 Elements does ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your chosen class to ensure that the front desk is able to answer any questions you may have.

Is there a drop-in rate?

5 Elements offers a number of membership options to suit your needs.  We do offer a drop in rate of $20 per class, as well as multi-class and monthly options, all of which offer discounts for members who attend classes more. More membership information can be found here.

How do I know which discipline to choose?

The staff at 5 Elements are always happy to discuss the different disciplines offered with you. Whether your interest be in getting back in shape, learning something new, or competition, we will help you find a class that fits your needs best. If you're still unsure of which class you'd like to take, try them! While each new student to 5 Elements only has one free trial class, students are welcome to try each class at least once without purchasing uniform/equipment.

Which classes are best for self-defence?

The 5 Elements' karate curriculum is a class with a separate self-defence section to it, but all disciplines offered are applicable to self-defence situations. We also offer a specific Street Self Defence class once a week which does not require any martial arts experience to attend.  5 Elements Martial Arts also periodically hosts Self Defence seminars throughout the year. Sign up for 5 Elements email updates to stay in the loop!


How do 5 Elements memberships work?

All memberships sold at 5 Elements are based on flexibility.  We do not ask you to sign up for a specific class – all memberships allow you to drop in to classes fitting around your schedule and also allow you to cross train if you like.  For example, if you have a 10 class pass, that allows you to attend ANY 10 classes.  The only memberships that are different are the Little Dragon passes.  These are ONLY valid for Little Dragons classes and are discounted accordingly.

How do I book a birthday party with 5 Elements?

Birthday parties can be booked on Saturday and Sunday afternoons subject to availability.  Full payment is required to reserve the spot but is fully refundable up to 7 days before the event.  You can book over the phone (403-201-8825), via email at info@5elementscalgary.com, or in person. More information about Birthday parties can be found here.

Do I need to be a 5 Elements student to attend seminars?

Unless otherwise specified, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend 5 Elements seminars. You do not need to be a 5 Elements student or member to register for a seminar.


Is my child too young to attend classes at 5 Elements?

5 Elements offers classes for students ages 3 and up!


Will my age, fitness level, or previous injury prevent me from attending classes at 5 Elements?

5 Elements students are encouraged to communicate concerns about injuries to their instructors and work at their own pace. Within reason, age, fitness level or previous injury should never prevent you from enjoying participating in 5 Elements classes.











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