Little Dragons

The 5 Elements Martial Arts Little Dragons class is designed for preschoolers (ages 3-approx. 6.) It is an unparented class that serves as the perfect introduction to the world of martial arts. Students will learn basic exercises and stretching techniques, while being taught the fundamentals of Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Students will learn through karate games, obstacle courses, and light and supervised point sparring and self defence. Students will also learn basic Japanese words and phrases.

No experience necessary! Students must be able to use the washroom by themselves in order to be left alone for this class.



Child Karate

Intended for children between ages 7-12. For those who are a little older, this class is also a great introductory class for those just starting out. Students will be engaged in basic conditioning and exercises, learn fundamental aspects of Karate,engage in some light contact sparring  and self defence/anti-bullying training. Some games and other activities are also a part of the program. This class is designed to cover the first three belt levels of curriculum.


Family Karate

All Ages Karate is open to all students in the Youth and Adult programs at 5 Elements, geared particularly towards families looking to train together! This program is similar to our Children’s and Little Dragons programs, serving as an introductory level class for new students of all ages.  More experienced students are also welcome to help them hone and develop their fundamental skills. Basic exercises and stretching will be included as part of warm up and students will learn the same fundamentals in the Children’s and Little Dragons classes. Covers the first three belt levels of curriculum.


Intermediate/Advanced Karate

Intended for students of higher belt levels, ages 12-Adult. Students can begin participating in Intermediate/Advanced Karate classes once they have received their green belts. These classes develop upon the fundamentals taught in the Beginner Classes and teach more advanced techniques.


Advanced Karate/Bunkai

Designed for blue belts and higher (or by invitation), this class delves in to the application of various karate techniques and how they can be used in different situations. Advanced forms and techniques will also be practiced to help participants continue on their karate journey.

Point Sparring

In Point Sparring, the fight gets interrupted after every successful hit and competitors move back to their starting position.  This class is designed for students who are interested in competing in local tournaments although tournaments are not mandatory.  It covers the basics of sport karate and kickboxing and point fighting techniques. Classes include basic drills, conditioning for sparring, rules for tournaments and a breakdown of the point fighting system. This is a great way to incorporate techniques learned in class and prepare for tournaments.


Continuous Competitive Sparring

This class is designed for students with both Karate and Muay Thai experience, interested in competition. Classes include drills, conditioning, and rules for tournaments. This is a great way to learn to incorporate techniques from other classes and prepare for tournaments



Karate Weapons classes are available to students who have been in the general Karate program for 3+ months. The first Tuesday of every month, Weapons classes will focus on nunchuks, while bo staff will be used throughout the rest of the month.


All students participating in Weapons classes must have their own nunchuks (available at the front desk) and/or bo staff (available for order through Sensei Jordan). All students participating in karate programs must have a white jacket and black pants 5 Elements uniform, which is available for purchase ($94.50) at the front desk.

Weapons deals with the basics of  bo staff  and nunchuk use (Nunchuck class is the first Tuesday of the month). Students will learn how to hold both types of weapons and how to strike with them. This class is designed for students who are interested in competing in tournaments or competitions although participation in tournaments are not mandatory.  Participants in this class MUST have a karate background prior to taking this class with a minimum level of green belt (or by invitation).